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Customer Testimonials

My husband and I recently built a new home and were looking for energy efficient ways to construct our home. Since moving into our new 5,000 square foot home, our energy bills have remained the same as they were in our old house, which was 3,600 square feet.  We are heating and cooling 1,400 more square foot for the same price!

    - Dana Southard, Jefferson City, MO



The quality of service and work provided by Xtreme Coatings and Foam Insulation was nothing less than outstanding. When I compared energy bills with friends and relatives with similar sized homes, it upset them when I told them how low our utility bills are.  Xtreme has surpassed all of our expectations!

                                                                                               - Joe and Mya Bernskoetter, Jefferson City, MO



I would like to thank you for the phenomenal work that Xtreme Foam Insulation performed at our new residence.  Not only was the quality of blown-in insulation better than I expected and the work site was left in a cleaner condition than when you started.  Your work attitude and ethics, with all your employees, was commendable and extremely rare in today's construction industry.  We have had numerous contractors during the past 24 months of our construction project and the performance of Xtreme Foam Insulation was the best I have ever experienced.


Xtreme Foam Insulation did 100% of the insulation in the walls and ceiling, which is approximately three times the square footage of our previous home, and our electric bill is remarkably only slightly higher.  I would recommend your services and your product to anyone who wants a quality insulation system and a company that is more than qualified to install it.                                                                                              

                                                                                                                         - Danny Martin, Hermann, MO



I would like to thank you and your employees for doing such spectacular work on our new home.  What I was surprised about was the quietness; we live near a small airport and we rarely hear an airplane from inside our home.  Our electric bills have been significantly smaller than our previous home; the new home we built is 3,000 total square feet larger… We will continue to recommend you as our first choice for foam insulation and if we should ever build another home we will definitely work with you again.

                                                                                                         - Andy and Renee Smola, Wildwood, MO



We recently added a 7,500 square foot addition to our existing facility.  We were looking for an easier and more efficient way of insulating our new building.  We are extremely happy with our decision to use Xtreme Coatings and Foam Insulation.  We would recommend this system to anyone considering new construction; whether commercial or residential.

                                                                   - Chris Russell (Owner), Xtreme Body and Paint, Jefferson City, MO